Mike TV

by Mike TV



This album took six fucking weeks to record and unlike this bio doesn't contain one swear word. CD is now out of print, so you better download it here.

© Bomber Music 2008.


released July 24, 2008

All songs written by D.Harper. Arranged and performed by Mike TV & Peter Miles. Produced, recorded, engineered and mastered by Peter Miles.



all rights reserved


Mike TV Dartford, UK


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Track Name: Single
One on one, make a stand, say you don’t care
New release, brand new plan, time for my share
I’m now feeling better on my own
Now I see this is me, I’m wide open, take a look around
Making magic steps I’ve never known

Then I realise I’m losing my disguise
From this day forward it’s just me and I, so

Come on sing along
Following a different song
Every single someone sing along
Look the other way
You’ll find them another day
Every single someone sing along
Living here in Singleton

Born again from dead end to a new verse
Struggling from within but I’ve been worse
Starting as I mean to carry on
I begin, colour in, do you feel thirst?
Finally feel today, I’m now feeling better on my own

Was I just dreaming or did I lose sight?
Was I just dreaming, wasting all my time?
No more a problem for my thoughts have died
I got out, gone, impressed? Now it’s goodbye
Track Name: Hands Up
Let us start again, turn it up to ten
We’ll make this all unreal, do we have a deal?

You’re gonna have a shock
We’re gonna make this rock
This is such a steal
Do we have a deal?

Hands up, get ready it’s too late whoa-oh
Guitar shaped gun, this is your greatest song to date

Perfected on itself, given its own shelf
We’ll do just what we feel, do we have a deal?

Swallow this melody, it glides down
Swallow this melody, it slides down
Swallow this melody, it glides down
Watch out, coz this is gonna…
Track Name: American Idols
Started off in paradise, kicked off '94
Became America’s idiots, now American idols

My my how time flies
But all good things die
Cue deep sigh

When you come around
I hope you feel the same
Billie, Mike and Tré
I’ll say goodbye for now I’ll see you round
Coz I miss my old Green Day

Dad and I, we went to see you play in '95
It was the greatest feeling to see Longview live

Had the time of my life
But nothing lasts forever
No more blue hair dye or crazy ties
Just black lined eyes
Track Name: Get Together
I’m getting bored of the people today spending too much time in their rooms
Reality means sculpting sweaty seats into concave cyber tombs
I’d like to know where would you go if all of this disappeared?
We all seemed to cope not that long ago
Now it feels like we’ve gone a bit weird

Give us some hope

Get together, get together
Come on, together again
You’re wasting time, it’s almost up
Whoa-oh, together again

Let’s make a start, put computers away, leave your mouse, take a look outside
Now you can see it’s a beautiful day that your monitor screens can’t hide
Call up some friends, don’t use Facebook events and make them do the same
All meet, attend, text to many and send, what if the next day never came?
Track Name: Count In
Chest pressing tighter, lung delay
Slipping away, step on the brakes
Head getting lighter, turning grey
Step on the brakes
Set the alarm, it starts so

Oh no you’re breathing too slow
Is that not true no more?
I know that it’s not true
What’s happening to you?
It’s just you’ve gone off course

Lips tell your fingers, pins and needles
Death on your face, step on the brakes
I’m claustrophobic, get me out
Step on the brakes
Set the alarm, it starts so

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Track Name: Favourite Foe
I see you, you are thinking about something new
I guess another bout
I’m no fool, prepared and ready to attack
For something small, you are terrible

Missing all the dissing and I’m missing all the rage
And I find it hard to listen, I’m missing out a play fight

You, I know who’s Miss Insane
Oh no, hello my favourite foe
Oh it’s good to see you haven’t changed
Hello my favourite foe (Hey!)

I’m accused coz I wanna be amused
By abuse that’s unnecessary
I’m confused, antagonizing’s so much fun
Win or lose, the war is never won

Hatred’s underrated, I’m frustrated coz I haven’t had a fix
I’d be elated if I made it to one last fight

I love the way you hate me, I love the way you hate
While all you do is slate me, there’s always more I’ll take
Track Name: When Push Comes To Shove (I’ve Fallen In Love)
I’ve got a feeling
Laying back at the ceiling
Kept awake at night
Felt my pulse hop, beat a drop
Can’t stop thinking of you
Shake it right

It’s a hop pop, kick it round
Shake it down to the ground
Something inside’s going mad
When push comes to shove I’ve fallen in love

I’ve fallen in love, it can come true
I think of only you
Please just say you’ll be my darling
One and one make two
It’s difficult to see life not you and me
Let’s just start, don’t break my heart
I will never be apart, alright

I’ve got a feeling, it defies all meaning
Swept away in time
Make my knees knock, feet are locked
Can’t stop dreaming of the day your mine

All I know is my name’s Domb
Something’s wrong, I can’t work it out
Coz I can’t figure out what is wrong with my brain
It's gone wrong, can you help me figure it out?
What is wrong with my brain?
Track Name: Diversion
Gonna put the jukebox on, paying for my favourite songs
I’ve left myself at home today, I’d rather drink the rest away
Sitting with a vacant face is gonna be my saving grace
However hard or long I try I can’t seem to shake this place

Inebriations my salvation
Conversation's out the door
It’s left me here
No sensation, motivation
Desecration of the soul
In memory of…

So if you’re coming down, pleased to meet you
Take a seat sit down 1, 2, 3, 4
You’ve been crowned tonights diversion now
Take a seat sit down yeah

Sitting in my time lapsed space, tired and I feel displaced
Are the people sitting next to me all thinking 'what a waste?'
In my own strange way, everything is a'ok
I’m used to drunken apathy and that’s the way I’ll stay

You'll tie me down, yeah you'll tie me down

The night's gone fast, it's past last orders, closing time
New day, same task, new glass is there, it's waiting, celebrating
Track Name: Lie Low, Lilo
Lilo start to pack, coz you’re never coming back
You’ve gone too far by stealing cars, you are a foolish chap
A thief before a man, nicking airbeds from Taiwan
Destined for a life of crime, no friends or pension plan

Now what’s he supposed to do?
He’s gonna be caught up with soon
And then he’ll sing a different tune with the jailbirds whoa-oh
Bad luck it’s not his day, he’ll be found and put away
A hefty price he’ll have to pay, a lesson learnt

Lie low, Lilo

You never had a job, coz it’s easier to rob
Petty crim' thieving’s your thing, then someone had to dob
Lie low, no more fun, a kleptomaniac is on the run
Someone help him please or else he’s gonna come undone

I know that he’ll pinch an inch to swipe a mile
Lilo is that kind of guy
Although we have been best mates for quite a while
And so he goes inside
Track Name: Routine
Every day the same, nothing seems to change
Hard to see a way of getting out of this déjà vu
Please help me find another way
I’m unable to break monotony (you're just a robot)
I’ve gotta find a way to stop this endless chain
Then I’ll be free

It’s your routine, everyday
(wake up, wake up)

Walking all in line, take in all the signs, conformity
I can’t step out the row, keep myself in tow, just agree
This is what I’m told, I have to set the mould
No frailty (you're just a robot)
Don’t falter / make mistakes, coz motivation makes humanity

But you don’t have a say, you’re my robot anyway
Know your place honestly, serve and clean all day
So you obey, back to your usual day
Programmed to work for me, no getting out

You're just a robot
Track Name: 27
No one, nobody to turn to
Your freedom won’t come free
So give 'em what for
The Famous Five
Sonic Boom Six
Magnificent Seven
Those words you might have ate
No’s nein and that makes ten perfected

You don’t know, coz the worm will just keep turning
You won’t know when the star will just stop burning
I won’t know, coz we’re all forever learning
It just goes to show, a brand new argument, another war

Edwin said what’s it good for?
Like a Virgin holiday
Stop or my mum will shoot
The punch line is 'toot n come in'
Ballerina, Ritalin, California, dusty bin
Post 9/11, five weeks in Devon
Track Name: The Day
I try to resist, but I just cannot dismiss
The devil in me insists I must have fun
It’s all I wanna do, just keep on drinking with you
I feel a party is due, now everyone
Let’s abstain from the plain
Fight off the feelings of shame
Coz life's so dull and mundane
You’ll never know
I’m hell bent on good times
On edge and dressed to the nines
The rebel is redefined, It’s time to go

So come on
Blow out your doubt
Unleash the drunk devout
Celebrate your fate
With no disgrace
Coz today is ours to lose
(It's our to lose)

I wanna confess to all my nights of excess
I love to thrive on their mess and my new state
I’m converting my mind as I start to unwind
All my sins are repressed
Will anyone ever excite again?
I think I need new best friends
So we can burn at both ends our social cause
We are having a bash, a sudden frenzied attack
For Gods sake please don’t turn back
No time to pause

Every now and then I get the feeling
Is it more appealing to slow down?
Holding back the hedonist that’s in me
Contemplate my fate and what’s around
But I know that this is only natural
One resounding fact will still remain
If you don’t release the bad side in you
Everything is boring or the same
Track Name: Chameleon
Feel like a Chameleon
I’m now boring in my social scene
I see them yawning, I'm not interesting
I need opinions coz no one listens
Come on, come on, come on...

Can I have another point of view?
Can I have another point of view from you?

Feel like a Chameleon
Friends look through me, they make one thing clear
A blank expression confirms greatest fears
I’m so boring, I’m worth ignoring
Come on, come on, come on...

I need another anecdote to make a boredom antidote
Feel the tedium running through their veins
Now what am I to do? Steal another point of view?
And then they might all listen again
Track Name: Polka Tulk
Welcome to the news,
There is no more dick.
Now it's been fun but we paid our dues,
Eight years left us sick.
Evolution of the band,
(I know we're all alone)
Why did you change it? What's the new plan?

Follow the sound,
Radio bound.
Stuck in a rut,
Keep your mouth shut!

I know you don't understand,
Progress scares the fan.
But even Hogwash have played in Japan.
Revolution there's no doubt,
And now we're Mike TV!
Why did you change it? You're selling out!

Follow the sound,
Radio bound.
Set in your ways.
Miss the old days?
You wanna pretend,
Things never change.
Just a new phase.

Don't change your name, i prefer the old one.
Why did you change your name? I prefer the old one.